Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Very First Barkbox!!!

We're so excited! We received our very first Barkbox last month and we've been so busy enjoying it that we're just now getting around to writing about it almost two weeks later. That means it's only about another two weeks until we receive our second Barkbox!

Mommy ordered a six month subscription and for a little under $20 a month, we get new treats and toys delivered to us every month. How awesome is that!?! We think it's pretty cool! We love to be spoiled rotten!

For now, we're getting the small dog Barkbox, which is catered to dogs up to 20 pounds. Now, this works great for pugs but not quite as good for mastiffs. Mommy hoped that she could convince Daddy to buy the large dog subscription but no such luck yet. Mommy is thinking about getting the large dog subscription for six months after the small dog subscription ends. In the meantime, Zoe can at least share some of the treats and if the toys look sturdy enough, can give them a try too. The smaller toys and treats will be going to the car for Emma to enjoy on her daily car rides to accompany Mommy on her babysitting and dog walking jobs.

Thankfully, this month's Barkbox contained five items and three of them are appropriate for big dogs too!

Out of the five items, we have two clear winners. Here's the breakdown:

Barkworthies Bully Stick - Emma not only selected the bully stick from the box but also somehow removed the tag herself and began to nom on the bully stick. Perhaps she was afraid that her big sister would steal it.

Emma gobbled up half the bully stick that night before it got taken away to enjoy on another day. Mommy was afraid she would get a tummy ache if she ate the entire thing in one night. But it sure was delicious!

The Petsafe Sheepskin Ted - This soft toy has a sturdy squeaker that so far has withstood the jaws of a nearly 100 lb mastiff. Emma isn't big on squeaky toys but Zoe goes nuts for them. While we were sorting through the box, Zoe stuck her head in and claimed the toy as her own.

Zoe loves it, although we only let her play with it while being supervised. We have to gently remind her that the goal is not to "desqueak" the toy (or rip it open and "destuff" it) but to make the squeaking last as long as possible. We're amazed that it's still squeaking two weeks later as her strong jaws usually manage to break the squeaker within a day and sometimes minutes.

Complete Natural Nutrition Cheese Treats - These cheesy treats passed the test for both dogs and they are enjoying adding them to their mixture of treats.

Emma needed no convincing to give these all-cheese treats a try; they are definitely pug-approved!

Zoe sniffed them, rolled them around her tongue and eventually decided that they were quite delicious and came back for more. This is not unusual for her when trying something new. She can be an odd dog sometimes. :)

Loopies Chew Toy - This cigar-shaped toy is meant for chewing but it's rather small size of about five inches means that it's too small for Zoe. Mommy put it in the car for Emma but so far she hasn't been interested in chewing on it.

Superior Farms Lamb Treats - Mommy thought that we would like this treats but it turns out that we're not big fans of the biscuits. We prefer jerky treats. What can we say? We know what we like.

We can't wait to see what's in next month's box!

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