Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Barkbox Review May 2014 - Zoe's Barkbox

When I received my May Barkbox last month, I was super happy. Barkbox day is quickly becoming my favorite day of the month! You can sign up for Barkbox and save 10% on your subscription using my personal link and by doing so, you can help me earn a free month too! I would love that so very much!

My pug sister, Emma, also received a Barkbox and you'll be able to read her review on our blog here soon.

Back to my Barkbox. Um, mommy? I'm going to need some help opening the box...

Or I suppose I could always use my mastiff jaws to rip the box open.

Oh good! Mommy helped me to open the box. Look at all my goodies! I'm now going to go through goodie by goodie and share my thoughts. Enjoy!

Bionic Bone

I was so very excited to try my orange Bionic bone. Mommy told me that the tag said it was designed for strong chewers, like me. So I immediately put it to the test.

Unfortunately, the bone did not hold up well and Mommy had to take it away on only Day 2. She was afraid that I was going to eat the plastic pieces that I kept chewing off the ends.

Bionic Bone, I had fun with you while you lasted. R.I.P.

Hopefully Barkbox sends me a toy that will actually last in next month's box. 

Nootie BBQ Chicken Jerky had to be chicken. These treats look and smell great but Mommy says that I'm allergic to chicken. Shes says that although I would probably love the taste of these treats, I wouldn't love the itchies that they would give me later on. 

I suppose if there's a plus side to this, it's that my sister loves the treats. Lucky chicken-eating pug! Emma says that she highly recommends the BBQ Chicken for other pups who don't have my poultry allergy.

 Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler Treats

Mommy says she doesn't know what's wrong with me. These treats smell like apple pie and Mommy says she's even tempted to eat them but I'm being super picky with my treats lately. I tried one on the first day but ever since then I've declined Mommy's offer of these sweet treats. Big surprise (or not) sister loves them! That pug will eat anything!

Sampling new treats is a process...first I sniff them....

Then I ponder them...

Then I finally sample them while my sister looks on like I'm crazy for being cautious with my food. She says she's just there for encouragement and support but I think she's really there to jump in and steal my treats.

Zuke's Carrot Dental Bone

Finally! Something I really enjoyed out of this month's Barkbox. Mommy gave me this carrot-flavored bone over the course of three days. She wanted to make sure that I didn't get a tummy ache because as she says, a mastiff-sized tummy ache isn't fun for anyone. Thankfully, I had no troubles with this bone and I happily chomped on it. Apparently, I like the taste of carrot!

Since we're so far behind in posting our blog, we've already received our next Barkbox and I can say that I'm much happier with the contents of the June Barkbox. Much more Zoe friendly! Stay tuned for my next review!