Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our March Barkbox Review

After enjoying our first Barkbox so much, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our March Barkbox last week. We expected it to arrive on March 19th, as our February box showed up on the 19th as well. But there was no Barkbox. Each day last week, we faithfully made the journey with our mommy to the mailbox but there was no Barkbox. We were starting to get discouraged but our Mommy stepped in to help us search for it. After contacting Barkbox, she learned that our monthly surprise was on its way and for some reason had simply been delayed. We were so relieved to hear that we hadn't been forgotten!

Yesterday, we went for our daily walk with Mommy and Daddy to check the mail and, to our utter joy, our Barkbox had arrived! We could hardly contain our excitement as we made our way back upstairs! What would this month's Barkbox have in store for us!?!

As we mentioned last month, we're getting the small dog Barkbox. Mommy technically ordered it for Emma but Zoe gets to partake in the treats as well. Mommy kept pestering Daddy and he finally caved and decided to purchase a six-month subscription for Zoe too! Barkbox's 48% off special for March Madness last week sealed the deal and as of next month, we'll be getting two Barkboxes! One for big dogs and one for small dogs! Twice the fun!

On to this month's Barkbox and our thoughts on the treats, toys and more!

Barkworthies Bully Stick

Just like last month, Emma's favorite Barkbox treat was the bully stick. As soon as opened the box, she stuck her pug nose inside, snatched the stick and made a beeline for a safe spot to chew where Zoe couldn't easily steal it from her. Zoe is hopeful that her Barkbox will contain a big girl bully stick next month so she can enjoy one of her own.

Since we didn't want Zoe to feel too left out, we gave her a piece of Emma's bully stick to chew on too.

Safemade Bowl

Although we haven't actually used the flexible bowl yet, it's just what we need for when we go out on the weekends. It's bendable shape will make it much easier to carry around than a traditional plastic bowl and we love the color!

Simply Fido Monkey Toy

Emma loves her new monkey toy, which makes a crinkly sound when she bites it. We can't leave the monkey sitting out though because we're afraid that Zoe will quickly behead it, as she is known to do.  

Here's a short video of Emma playing with her monkey:

Nootie Yumzies Peanut Butter Treats

Our dogs have always loved peanut butter and soft treats so we knew these tiny morsels would be a hit before we even opened the bag. Both the girls love them and happily gobble up several for a treat. After feeding the girls these treats, we realized that they contain chicken despite being peanut butter flavored. Sneaky treats! We're not completely sure but we have a feeling that Zoe is allergic to poultry so we try to keep away from it.

N-Bone Dental Chews

Unfortunately for Zoe, these dental chews are also chicken flavor. These treats have found a home in my car as Emma goes for lots of rides with me during the day to visit kids and dogs while Zoe stays at home. Emma is enjoying these dental chews quite a bit. I've been breaking them in half to make them last longer and she doesn't seem to notice. :)

We can't wait until next month's Barkbox!

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