About Us

In October 2011, my boyfriend and I adopted our first dog, an Italian mastiff. At only 11 weeks old, Zoe was already tipping the scales at 25 lbs and quickly grew to 90 lbs by her first birthday. Despite her size, she's convinced that she's a lap dog and would love nothing more than to snuggle in our laps, at least when she's not performing her "guard dog" duties of informing us of every door opening or closing in our apartment building. 

Three months after bring Zoe home, we decided to complete our canine family with a pug. Emma was already nine months old when she came into our lives but she bonded right away to us and her new sister. Emma loves being as close as possible to us, usually touching us, while she takes one of her many naps throughout the day. She also loves wrestling with Zoe and surprisingly wins quite a few of their battles.

In addition to my being a dog lover, I'm also a freelance writer, social media manager and occasional dog sitter. 

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