Friday, August 15, 2014

Emma's Small Dog Barkbox Review - June 2014


My June Barkbox contained treats and toys that were French-inspired, which is perfect for me as I'm such a fancy, cultured pug. Although I've never been to France, if it's anything like this Barkbox, I think I would love it! It looks like they have yummy food there...and I love food!

This month I received two treats and two toys. 

Before I could dive into my goodies, Mommy made me pose for a picture.

Then I dove right in and started sniffing out my favorite item, which happened to be the cookies.

Here's a short video of me grabbing the cookie and running. 

Feel Good Treat Co. Parisian Heart Biscuits

As you can see from the above video, these cookies immediately grabbed my attention. The molasses, carob chips, cinnamon and nutmeg made for the perfect sweet treat and if Mommy would have let me, I would have eaten the entire cookie. But she convinced me that if we broke the cookie in half, it would not only last longer but also give me less of a chance of a bellyache from too many treats.

I did have to share my cookie with my sister (Mommy said it would be the polite thing to do) but as you can see, she's not the cleanest eater and managed to make quite the mess all over Mommy's bed. Lucky for her, she has puggy vacuum cleaner for a sister to help her clean it up! He he!

Harry Barker Eiffel Tower Toy

This Eiffel Tower toy contains a squeaker, which automatically makes it a hit around here. Even two months later, it's in nearly perfect condition and still squeaks!

I was a little perplexed though because I always though the Eiffel Tower was tall but here I am, looking down on it. Does that make me a giant pug?

Harry Barker Toile Bone Toy

Similar to the Eiffel Tower toy, this fancy bone is also a squeaker and it's still in one-piece despite months of both me and my gigantic mastiff sister playing with it.

See? Mastiffs love squeaker bones too!

Both the Eiffel Tower and the pretty bone were great additions to our toy collection and we love to play with each of them. Sometimes, we even share and play together! How many people can say that they've played tug-of-war with the Eiffel Tower?!?

Or were able to nom on the tip of the Eiffel Tower?

Bocce's Bakery Chicken Cordon Bleu Treats

I admit that I'm not a big fan of dog biscuits. I think it has something to do with the way that my teeth don't really come together, making it difficult for me to chew them. But as long as Mommy breaks these Chicken Cordon Bleu treats into small bites, I like them. What's not to love? Chicken? Good! Bacon? Good! Cheese? Good! 

Now if only I could convince Mommy to make me some fresh Chicken Cordon Bleu....

Hope you enjoyed my journey through France! 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zoe's Big Dog Barkbox Review - June 2014

It's almost time to get a new Barkbox so I reminded Mommy that she had to finish my review of last month's treats and toys. Just look at how happy getting a Barkbox makes me! 

For my third Barkbox, I received a "jungle-themed" box, although only half of the box actually contained things you would find in the jungle. But that's okay, the other items were great too so I'll overlook this misleading theme. Mommy says most dogs wouldn't know what specifically could be found in the jungle anyway but she told me, so now I know. Plus, I'm a very smart mastiff so I likely would have figured it out even without her help!

In this Barkbox, I received a note saying that they heard that I have allergies (no chicken for me, in case you hadn't heard), and they were going to send me a special allergy-free box. This made me a very happy pup as it means that Mommy can't say no to any of my treats. I get to try everything in my box!

Let's start with the actual jungle item reviews...

R2P Monkey Silly Bums

I love, love, love my silly bums! This toy is literally just the lower portion of a monkey. No head, which means I can't behead it, but it still has arms, legs, a tail and a bright pink monkey butt! After almost a month of playing with it, not only is it in one piece still but the squeaker still squeaks. Mommy isn't sure if I'm just being more gentle with my toys lately or if we're finding better quality toys. Either way, I'm happy and Mommy is happy! 

My sister thinks the monkey butt make a good chin rest too.

Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps

Bananas fit the jungle-theme, and I think that my monkey butt friend would be jealous of my banana treats if it had a face and a mouth, but being the picky pup that I am, I refused to try the banana crisps. Mommy said that I'm being silly because I like to eat regular bananas with her at breakfast time, but I failed to see the similarity. 

This is my happy before picture:

And this is my "I'm-not-interested" face once Mommy showed me the actual treat:

No surprise though, my pug sister likes the banana crisps. But mommy says that since I'm not willing to help her eat them and the container is so big, Emma will be snacking on these for the next year.

Now we move on to the non-jungle themed items as I'm pretty sure that neither rabbit nor pig is native to the jungle.

Hare of the Dog Rabbit Treats

These treats were an automatic hit with me! Bring on the bunny! 

Apparently, the only two ingredients are rabbit and aronia berries and the treats are formed like a long, flat piece of jerky. In attempt to make them last, Mommy broke the treats into bite-sized pieces but the bag is still almost gone and I'm a little sad about it. 

Benebone Bacon-Flavored Nylon Chew

I must admit, I'm obsessed with this toy. I love chewing and I love bacon! 

Mommy is obsessed with the adorable faces I make while chewing on my bone so she made this fun little collage of me. Look how happy this bone makes me!

The bone is also pug-approved. She says she likes the big size because she's a "big dog" too. Silly pug!

Stay tuned for my pug sister's review of her small dog box.

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Lots of love and big slobbery mastiff kisses,

Zoe the Mastiff

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Barkbox Review May 2014: Emma's Barkbox

I love Barkbox! This was my fourth Barkbox and I've yet to be disappointed. With so many delicious treats and fun toys, I can hardly wait until my box arrives each month. Now, if only I could get my mommy to transcribe my thoughts on the Barkbox more quickly. This Barkbox was received in the middle of May and mommy is just now getting to writing my review. Be sure to check out my sister's review of her big dog Barkbox too!

This month's Barkbox theme was "From the Farm." 

Although I've only been to a farm a couple of times to pick out pumpkins at Halloween, I think farms are fun. More importantly, there are lots of yummy things at the farm and this Barkbox let me sample a few of them.

Here are my piggy pug thoughts on the treats. Want a hint? I love them all! 

Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler Treats

Mommy said that these treats smelled so good that she wanted to eat them too. Silly mommy, these are dog treats and you are a human! 

I love these little bits of apple pie delight! Mommy breaks them in half and gives me a piece for dessert most nights. I've been snacking on these for over a month and the best part is that my sister got a box of these in her Barkbox too and she doesn't like them, which means more for the pug! Yay!

Plato Chicken Treats

Well, I think my tongue says it all. It was out of control in anticipation for the yumminess before we even opened the package. These treats are halfway between a biscuit and a soft chewy treat and I love them! Too bad that my sister is allergic to chicken...oh, who am I kidding? I don't feel too bad for her because it means more goodies for me!

Barkworthies Bully Stick

As always, this is my favorite part of my Barkbox. I dive straight for the bully stick and steal it. It's so delicious! Nom, nom, nom!

P.L.A.Y. Stuffed Carrot Squeaker

This carrot squeaker has held up great to not only my chewing and playing but also my giant mastiff sister's jaws. We both love to carry the carrot around the house and sometimes we even "fight" over it.

Caitec Squeaky Ball

Mommy was hesitant about getting this little green squeaker ball out because she was afraid that it would be too small for my sister to play with. Shockingly, it's still in perfect condition more than a month later and that's through lots of mastiff play too. I love the little knobs on the ball as they make it easier for my little pug mouth to carry it. I highly recommend this toy!

See? It's mastiff-approved too!

All in all, the May Barkbox was pretty perfect for me and probably one of my favorite ones yet. So many great treats and toys for a pug...and a mastiff too!

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Love and puppy kisses, 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Barkbox Review May 2014 - Zoe's Barkbox

When I received my May Barkbox last month, I was super happy. Barkbox day is quickly becoming my favorite day of the month! You can sign up for Barkbox and save 10% on your subscription using my personal link and by doing so, you can help me earn a free month too! I would love that so very much!

My pug sister, Emma, also received a Barkbox and you'll be able to read her review on our blog here soon.

Back to my Barkbox. Um, mommy? I'm going to need some help opening the box...

Or I suppose I could always use my mastiff jaws to rip the box open.

Oh good! Mommy helped me to open the box. Look at all my goodies! I'm now going to go through goodie by goodie and share my thoughts. Enjoy!

Bionic Bone

I was so very excited to try my orange Bionic bone. Mommy told me that the tag said it was designed for strong chewers, like me. So I immediately put it to the test.

Unfortunately, the bone did not hold up well and Mommy had to take it away on only Day 2. She was afraid that I was going to eat the plastic pieces that I kept chewing off the ends.

Bionic Bone, I had fun with you while you lasted. R.I.P.

Hopefully Barkbox sends me a toy that will actually last in next month's box. 

Nootie BBQ Chicken Jerky had to be chicken. These treats look and smell great but Mommy says that I'm allergic to chicken. Shes says that although I would probably love the taste of these treats, I wouldn't love the itchies that they would give me later on. 

I suppose if there's a plus side to this, it's that my sister loves the treats. Lucky chicken-eating pug! Emma says that she highly recommends the BBQ Chicken for other pups who don't have my poultry allergy.

 Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler Treats

Mommy says she doesn't know what's wrong with me. These treats smell like apple pie and Mommy says she's even tempted to eat them but I'm being super picky with my treats lately. I tried one on the first day but ever since then I've declined Mommy's offer of these sweet treats. Big surprise (or not) sister loves them! That pug will eat anything!

Sampling new treats is a process...first I sniff them....

Then I ponder them...

Then I finally sample them while my sister looks on like I'm crazy for being cautious with my food. She says she's just there for encouragement and support but I think she's really there to jump in and steal my treats.

Zuke's Carrot Dental Bone

Finally! Something I really enjoyed out of this month's Barkbox. Mommy gave me this carrot-flavored bone over the course of three days. She wanted to make sure that I didn't get a tummy ache because as she says, a mastiff-sized tummy ache isn't fun for anyone. Thankfully, I had no troubles with this bone and I happily chomped on it. Apparently, I like the taste of carrot!

Since we're so far behind in posting our blog, we've already received our next Barkbox and I can say that I'm much happier with the contents of the June Barkbox. Much more Zoe friendly! Stay tuned for my next review!