Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zoe's Big Dog Barkbox Review - June 2014

It's almost time to get a new Barkbox so I reminded Mommy that she had to finish my review of last month's treats and toys. Just look at how happy getting a Barkbox makes me! 

For my third Barkbox, I received a "jungle-themed" box, although only half of the box actually contained things you would find in the jungle. But that's okay, the other items were great too so I'll overlook this misleading theme. Mommy says most dogs wouldn't know what specifically could be found in the jungle anyway but she told me, so now I know. Plus, I'm a very smart mastiff so I likely would have figured it out even without her help!

In this Barkbox, I received a note saying that they heard that I have allergies (no chicken for me, in case you hadn't heard), and they were going to send me a special allergy-free box. This made me a very happy pup as it means that Mommy can't say no to any of my treats. I get to try everything in my box!

Let's start with the actual jungle item reviews...

R2P Monkey Silly Bums

I love, love, love my silly bums! This toy is literally just the lower portion of a monkey. No head, which means I can't behead it, but it still has arms, legs, a tail and a bright pink monkey butt! After almost a month of playing with it, not only is it in one piece still but the squeaker still squeaks. Mommy isn't sure if I'm just being more gentle with my toys lately or if we're finding better quality toys. Either way, I'm happy and Mommy is happy! 

My sister thinks the monkey butt make a good chin rest too.

Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps

Bananas fit the jungle-theme, and I think that my monkey butt friend would be jealous of my banana treats if it had a face and a mouth, but being the picky pup that I am, I refused to try the banana crisps. Mommy said that I'm being silly because I like to eat regular bananas with her at breakfast time, but I failed to see the similarity. 

This is my happy before picture:

And this is my "I'm-not-interested" face once Mommy showed me the actual treat:

No surprise though, my pug sister likes the banana crisps. But mommy says that since I'm not willing to help her eat them and the container is so big, Emma will be snacking on these for the next year.

Now we move on to the non-jungle themed items as I'm pretty sure that neither rabbit nor pig is native to the jungle.

Hare of the Dog Rabbit Treats

These treats were an automatic hit with me! Bring on the bunny! 

Apparently, the only two ingredients are rabbit and aronia berries and the treats are formed like a long, flat piece of jerky. In attempt to make them last, Mommy broke the treats into bite-sized pieces but the bag is still almost gone and I'm a little sad about it. 

Benebone Bacon-Flavored Nylon Chew

I must admit, I'm obsessed with this toy. I love chewing and I love bacon! 

Mommy is obsessed with the adorable faces I make while chewing on my bone so she made this fun little collage of me. Look how happy this bone makes me!

The bone is also pug-approved. She says she likes the big size because she's a "big dog" too. Silly pug!

Stay tuned for my pug sister's review of her small dog box.

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Lots of love and big slobbery mastiff kisses,

Zoe the Mastiff

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