Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Barkbox Review May 2014: Emma's Barkbox

I love Barkbox! This was my fourth Barkbox and I've yet to be disappointed. With so many delicious treats and fun toys, I can hardly wait until my box arrives each month. Now, if only I could get my mommy to transcribe my thoughts on the Barkbox more quickly. This Barkbox was received in the middle of May and mommy is just now getting to writing my review. Be sure to check out my sister's review of her big dog Barkbox too!

This month's Barkbox theme was "From the Farm." 

Although I've only been to a farm a couple of times to pick out pumpkins at Halloween, I think farms are fun. More importantly, there are lots of yummy things at the farm and this Barkbox let me sample a few of them.

Here are my piggy pug thoughts on the treats. Want a hint? I love them all! 

Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler Treats

Mommy said that these treats smelled so good that she wanted to eat them too. Silly mommy, these are dog treats and you are a human! 

I love these little bits of apple pie delight! Mommy breaks them in half and gives me a piece for dessert most nights. I've been snacking on these for over a month and the best part is that my sister got a box of these in her Barkbox too and she doesn't like them, which means more for the pug! Yay!

Plato Chicken Treats

Well, I think my tongue says it all. It was out of control in anticipation for the yumminess before we even opened the package. These treats are halfway between a biscuit and a soft chewy treat and I love them! Too bad that my sister is allergic to chicken...oh, who am I kidding? I don't feel too bad for her because it means more goodies for me!

Barkworthies Bully Stick

As always, this is my favorite part of my Barkbox. I dive straight for the bully stick and steal it. It's so delicious! Nom, nom, nom!

P.L.A.Y. Stuffed Carrot Squeaker

This carrot squeaker has held up great to not only my chewing and playing but also my giant mastiff sister's jaws. We both love to carry the carrot around the house and sometimes we even "fight" over it.

Caitec Squeaky Ball

Mommy was hesitant about getting this little green squeaker ball out because she was afraid that it would be too small for my sister to play with. Shockingly, it's still in perfect condition more than a month later and that's through lots of mastiff play too. I love the little knobs on the ball as they make it easier for my little pug mouth to carry it. I highly recommend this toy!

See? It's mastiff-approved too!

All in all, the May Barkbox was pretty perfect for me and probably one of my favorite ones yet. So many great treats and toys for a pug...and a mastiff too!

Want to sign your pup up for a Barkbox too? Click this link to save 10% on your subscription and you can help me to earn a free month of Barkbox. That would make me one happy pug!

Love and puppy kisses, 


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